Saturday, July 18, 2009

UNIT CEKAP TENAGA (Energy Efficiency Unit)

Energy Efficiency Unit

What is energy efficiency?
Energy (electricity) efficiency means using electricity wisely in order to accomplish the same tasks, whether at home or at the workplace. Using energy efficiently also means paying less for electricity used to get the same amount of amenities required!


1. To reduce the uses of electricity in Saujana Residential College
2. To educate Saujanarians to use electricity efficiently
3. To be the first sustainable residential college in USM


• Auditing
• Data Analyses
• LED lamp (upcoming)
• Sensor (upcoming)
• Power saver (upcoming)
• Sticker (upcoming)
• Solar bus stop (upcoming)
• Wind energy tower (upcoming)

Why save electricity??

Reason 1: We all have to save electricity because we are fast running out of fossil fuels. Even though we have other methods to produce electricity besides fossil fuels, the rate where electricity is produced by these methods cannot be compared to the rate where we use up electricity. So, if we were to save electricity, our fossil fuels would not run out so soon.

Reason 2: Electricity is produced at the cost of innocent lives. As seen above, we know that lives of both animals and plants are lost just because land is needed to build hydroelectric dams for electricity to be produced. If more and more land is needed to build these dams, more and more lives will be lost and none of us would want this to happen.

Reason 3: Electricity is produced at the cost of environmental problems. Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere when burning occurs and thus harms the ozone layer. Carbon dioxide also leads to global warming, another environmental problem.

This problem cannot go on. We humans are wasting electricity, which ultimately leads to innocent lives, environmental problems, and drainage of natural resources. We have to stop this from going on and so let us start saving electricity today.

Ways to use electricity efficiently:

1. Switch of the lights in the room when not in use. This is a good habit that should be practiced.
2. Choose electrical appliances that save electricity when buying them. These labels represent energy save electric appliances;
3. Switch off the light when going to sleep, use a small lamp if light is really necessary
for you to sleep.
4. When reading, use a table lamp instead of the light. The table lamp saves electricity and the amount of light that is given out is sufficient for one to read.

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