Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kitar Mata

Unit Kitar Mata ( Point Cycle Unit )…”
Saujana resident is well-known as one of the residents in University Science of Malaysia (USM) that practicing in living sustainable. Unit Kitar Mata or point cycle unit is the cornerstone of the saujana’s program called Eco-Desa . This is just one of the alternatives towards green life.

The primary objective of this team is to:
• Practise towards “Zero Waste”
• Reduce pollution for healthy environment
• Practise recycling in daily life
• Save and preserve the forest

What do we dO?..
• Encourage students to recycle
• Provide the “green card” to store the points gained by recycling
• Provide the “green booth” to weigh the recycling items
• Rewards will be given for the points that have been collected

Now in progress….
There will be one ‘green booth’ provided for the students located in the M03 block.

Coming Soon…
The second ‘green booth’ will be provided in M04 block if the recycling project is successful.

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